Outside the Box: Interfaces Getting Real

When I saw the newly announced Wacom Inkling I was intrigued at the idea of combining a Wacom tablet and a sketchbook together. On the surface the Wacom Inkling technology is just a new and fancy way for the creative types to draw pretty pictures. But it also marks another milestone in the trend of interfaces and interactions moving beyond our devices and into the world around us. Just wait until the hackers and programmers start being inspired by it (like they are doing with Microsoft's Kinect), completely new tools that we never thought about could come into play. 


Catalogs: Those paper catalogs can become a whole lot smarter with the pen allowing you to circle a product that you want to add to your cart, a square could grab the picture of the product for your Pinterest. Draw an "x" on a product and the company knows that kind of product shouldn't be in your future catalogs.

Ads: Imagine an ad for a shampoo company which invited you to draw new hairstyles on their model, and billboards which displayed all the different drawings from around the world

Education: How would schools be different with homework that is transmitted to the teachers computer when your child finished doing it, or the cute picture that they drew is on the fridges of grandparents on both coasts as soon as the last line is drawn.

So why should creative people care? The brochures, catalogs and websites that we create are living in this quickly changing world and I think it's good for us to prepare our pages not to just be clicked, but also swiped and possibly drawn on and marked up.