Every day there's another article talking about the death of print, and I really don't think it's anywhere near dead, but it has taken quite a beating in my house. I have been reading a ton of books for over the last two years, but not a single paper page was turned. Now it's time for magazines to take the fall. I have loved magazines for a long time. Nothing was better than having a pile of unread magazines and a comfy chair. So when the iPad came out, I knew my dream of having a stack of magazines with at all times was getting closer. Well that day is here, I have an iPad full of my favorite magazines, and I haven't looked at a single one in over a month. While the magazine publishers were trying to figure out how to bring their magazines to the iPad with extras like animation and video; apps like Pulse, Flipboard, Aol Editions and Zite have completely changed my idea of what magazines are, and what I expect from them


Reactive: The new magazine is built around me, my interests, my preferences. If I give an article a thumbs up, similar articles will start appearing, and vice versa.

Dynamic: The new magazine is constantly looking for new content, pulling from across the web, from a variety of sources. There are no time zones or borders.

Useful: The new magazine let's me save thousands of articles from a thousand different places in a place where I can sort and categorize what I've read and pull access when I need to. 

Social: The new magazine let's me read comments from other people. A simple idea, but this aspect alone has changed how I read. Comments are an instant dialogue about what I just read, with corrections, counterpoints and sometimes an even better read than the original article. To me, comments are part of the article, and are incomplete without them.

So I gave up all my magazines for a single magazine, it's published by me, and edited by me (it just happens to be an app called Zite).